The underlayment and heat insulants have a temperature resistance of up to a maximum of 1100 ° and are intended to ensure the tightness and the performance high temperature refractory and insulating systems. With a density of less than 350 Kg / m3, they have very low thermal conductivity and improve the overall performance of thermal insulation.

The insulation performance of industrial equipments requires the use of underlayment insulating materials that limit the losses and thus the energy consumption.Eurotech-Renda completes its offer with high-quality materials from the best French and European manufacturers.

Calcium silicate


Calcium silicate panels are commonly used in undercoats behind concrete, brick or fiber packing. 

This material can be supplied in a wide variety of thicknesses and is also suitable for machining shells or sockets for the cladding of pipes with thermal insulation or fire protection. 

Temperature classification: 1000 ° or 1100 ° C

Matériaux isolants
Matériaux isolants

Microporous Insulation


Panels made of an opacified mixture of silica reinforced with fibers. Its very high insulating capacity allows the reduction of the thicknesses used and / or the improvement of the insulation.Exists in the form of rigid, articulated or padded panels with PE encapsulation, fabric, glass veil or aluminum. 

Temperature classification: 1000 ° C



Vermiculite or expanded mica is an ultra-light aggregate used as an additive in light insulating concrete or for filling furnace walls or wagon soles in the terracotta sector.Granulometry: fine, medium, wide Available in bags of 100 and 125 liters and big bags on request. 

Temperature classification: 1100 ° C

Matériaux isolants

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