Any installation of high temperature refractory or insulating products requires the use of fastening systems. In refractory or ceramic steel, refractory anchors contribute to the longevity of the installed materials.

The resistances of insulating and refractory materials depend on the use of suitable anchors.

Our team supports you in the definition of fastening systems through its expertise:

  • Anchors for fibrous packing
  • Concrete anchors
  • Anchors for bricks and suspended vaults
  • Load Recovery
Ancrages réfractaires
Ancrages réfractaires
Ancrages réfractaires

The refractory concretes are subject to cracking and can be reinforced by the addition of metallic fibers also called reinforcing needles. These fibers disperse homogeneously during preparation and reduce the stress caused by the expansion of the residual mixing water  during the curing of the concrete.

These fibers are available in two geometries and in soft and stainless steel refractory quality:

Straight Fibers (Melt extracted) These melt-extracted fibers are straight and intended for applications with small mechanical stresses. Available in AiSi 304, AisSi 309 and AiSi310.
Drawn wire hook fibers Hooked fibers offer 4 times more tensile strength than straight fibers. This property gives the concrete better mechanical characteristics, greater flexural strength and limits the appearance and evolution of cracks. Available in AiSi 304 and AiSi 310.

We also supply on plan brick anchors for refractory concretes of cement kilns, furnace vault metallurgy and terracotta.

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