What we call refractory materials are products such as refractory concretes, dense bricks and shaped parts, temperature resistant up to 2000 ° C

They constitute a barrier, a shield, a protective wall or a thermal enclosure for, furnaces, reactors, lining walls within combustion chambers and all kinds of thermal process units.

Low iron concretes

Firelite 2300 VLI

Very lightweight concrete with low thermal conductivity of up to 1260 ° C. Application in controlled atmosphere furnaces and equipment requiring high performance insulation.Complies with class P and Q of ASTM-C-401-84. 

Firelite 2600 LI

Concrete based on insulating aggregates, can be used up to 1430 ° C and is suitable for applications under controlled atmosphere for the production of monolithic packing and molded parts.It complies with Classes Q and R of ASTM-C-401-84. 

Firelite 95

Tabular alumina concrete for use up to 1760 ° C and very low iron content (0.1%). Very good hydrogen resistance for applications in ammonia production units and in controlled atmosphere applications.

Refractory insulated concrete

Firelite LW

Insulating refractory concrete with high alumina content and low lime content. It can be used up to 1320 ° C. It has both good mechanical strength and very low thermal conductivity. It can be applied by molding or by spraying. Firelite LW insulating refractory concrete is recommended for the filling of vaults, convection zones, collectors in reheating furnaces, in petrochemicals. It can also be used for filling furnace doors and lids, top of tunnel furnace wagons, etc.It complies with Classes P and Q, ASTM-C-401-84. 

Firelite LW HS

A more robust version of Firelite LW insulating refractory concrete for similar applications where higher strength is required.It complies with Class Q, ASTM-C-401-84.

Light insulated concrete

These concretes are used for temperature confinement in high temperature systems. They can be used both on the hot side and underlay behind higher density packing.

Firelite 105

Vermiculite concrete with an after curing density of 620 kg / m3 and offering a very low thermal conductivity.  

Firelite 105L

Lightweight version of the Firelite 105 with a density of 570 kg / m3.

 Firelite 1700

Concrete containing vermiculite and silica balls with a density of less than 500 kg / m3. Very insulating, this concrete is among the lightest on the market.

Dense Concretes

The dense concretes of the Firecrete ™ range have been designed to offer optimum mechanical characteristics.

 Firecrete 3X

Concrete based on grog / corundum offering the greatest versatility.Usable up to 1600 ° C, and containing only very little iron, it is compatible with reducing atmospheres.

Firecrete 95

Tabular alumina based concrete and can be used up to 1800 ° C.Its outstanding mechanical properties and its very low iron content make it a reference concrete in applications under hydrogen atmosphere and / or under high load stress.

Cements and other refractory products Thermal Ceramics



This ready-to-use cement is ideal for all assembly and grouting operations of light or dense bricks.

Its exceptionally fine grain allows the realization of joints of very small thickness and its thermal resistance higher than 1600 ° C makes it an extremely versatile product.

Available in pots of 2.5 kg and buckets of 20 and 50 kg.


The MORGAN group produces by isostatic pressing and extrusion of shaped parts for all industries.

  •  Aluminum crucibles for induction furnaces
  •  Burner openings
  • Casting distributors
  • Sealed tubes of pure recrystallized alumina
  • Casting spouts
  • Casting pockets
  •  Oven Mittens
  • All workpieces on plan


Morgan Advanced Materials

A world leader in the sector, it also represents:

  •  Refractory elements for furnace made of silicon carbide, graphite and ceramic·     
  • SOLGEL Polycrystalline fiber form panels and parts  
  •  Crucibles and pocket inserts for non-ferrous metals       
  • Special concretes with high resistance to erosion and abrasion 
  • Technical ceramics    
  •  Zircon-based repair products

Dense bricks

Eurotech-Renda also distributes dense bricks of all types, molten cements, silicon carbide elements and bricks.

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