Thanks to our expertise in insulating and refractory materials, we propose to accompany you in your efforts to refurbish or modify your thermal equipment.

At your request, we also propose to supervise a site when you do the work with your own teams. We can also offer you a turnkey project with our partners selected for their professionalism and knowledge of our materials.

Work Methodology

  We regroup the service into 3 phases:
Definition of the need or axis of progress Do you simply want to refurbish an oven or optimize its performance by controlling energy costs? If necessary, create new equipment such as dryers, furnaces, ovens?
Analysis of parameters In cases of furnace rehabilitations, inspection and replacement of old materials, target energy saving, temperature rise ramp, cooling mode, and many other parameters. Why? Because whereas some people just give you a price, we make it a point of honor to advise you objectively.
Technical proposals When all aspects of the file are mastered, we send you a precise technical and financial proposal that meets your requirements.

Quality and close partners

In  France,our partner Refractory Thermic Services intervenes in all types of furnaces with a very high level of competence in the following areas:

  • RTSMaintenance contracts
  • Compliance of facilities
  • Industrial furnaces retrofit
  • Adjustment of combustion and thermal curves
  • Asbestos defibration or RCF with regards to current regulations
  • Control cabinets and automation
  • Gas installations and renovation ramps

In Morocco, our partner ZOURJAD Insulation, particularly present in the maintenance of cement kilns and steel mills, accompanies us in any service of industrial chimney works.

Tile and Brick furnaces, metallurgy, hot galvanization, heat treatment, thermal power stations, incinerators can be maintained, rebuilt or installed according to the rules of the art.

ZOURJAD Insulation has extensive experience in the field of industrial fumigation and its highly qualified staff, with the best equipment, is trained in all techniques.

  • Concrete pouring
  • Concrete spraying
  • Brick and refractory block masonry
  • Welding of anchors
"EUROTECH-RENDA, RTS, ZOURJAD Insulation, thermal expertise at your service.""
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