Thermal insulation consists of confining the temperature in an enclosure.

Thermal protection is another aspect of our business. Beyond rendering thermal equipment efficient and economical, there is one factor that we consider as a priority: personal safety.

The thermal protection thus groups together the passive protection against fire, personal protection by E.P.I.  specially designed to withstand thermal and flame radiation, rigid or flexible heat shields, thermal insulation for hot zones, and any specific product that we can study for you.

Firemaster Marine Plus®

Based on its experience in the production of high temperature biosoluble fibers, the MORGAN Group has developed a range of FIREMASTER® products specifically dedicated to passive fire protection.

FIREMASTER Marine Plus® products certified worldwide for use on commercial vessels, pleasure and passenger vessels as well as military vessels also meet the fire protection needs of industrial tanks, cable trays, locally to the reception of public.For any need for protection under a specific regulation, we can study and format a system covered by a certificate corresponding to the desired standard.Recognized by numerous nautical and thermal insulation manufacturers and specialists in fire protection, we offer you our expertise.

Thermal Insulation


Rockwool is commonly used for thermal insulation of tanks but also in some cases underlayment

.Available in bulk, rolls and panels for temperatures between 250 and 750 ° C, it is a moisture-proof, rot-proof and economical product.


For the protection of ducts and pipes, shells and staves are the solution.Made with thicknesses ranging from 30 to 100 mm, they can be either based on glasswool or rockwool, or equally based on calcium silicate.

The shells are available as bare, coated with PVC, aluminum or stainless steel.Our team supports you in defining the most suitable thermal insulation solutions


Vermiculite is also available in pressed panels which offer excellent thermal characteristics combined with good mechanical strength.

Used today for filling wood and pellets stoves, these panels are also very useful for fire protection (Euroclass A1) or the covering of oven doors

High temperature textiles


In occupations where exposure to heat sources or projections of molten material is a risk, Eurotech-Renda offers a wide range of personal protective equipment, flame resistant clothing, adapted to contact heat and projections of molten metal.



In addition to the supply of thermal insulation solutions, Eurotech-Renda stocks a wide range of high-temperature textiles to meet all requirements in terms of peripheral sealing: oven doors, cooking rail seals, ovens, autoclaves, flexible compensators, heat shields, splash guards.


Personal safety


- Gloves

- Facial protection

- Aluminized clothes

- Gaiters

- Aprons

Device Protection


Wide  variety ranges in braids, beads and strips:

- Glass E 550 ° C

- Glass HT 700 ° C

- Glass HT 1000 ° C Ni

-Cr reinforcement

- CMS fibers Bio reinforcement glass or Ni-CrSilica 1200 ° C

  Tissue ranges:
- One-sided aluminized glass
- Fibers CMS Bio  Ni-Cr  reinforcement
- Silica 1000 and 1200 ° C
- Sestonit®
- Para-aramid and Para-aramid / Carbon with one aluminized face
Any other clothing and / or textile on request Contact us


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